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Census data is collected and published every ten years and is an invaluable source of information across a broad range of topics because every household in to country is obliged to complete the form.. A broad range of variables have been extracted… Read More »Census

Credit Screening

The use of credit scoring prior to authorizing access or granting credit is commonplace. A credit score is a means of identifying the credit worthiness of an individual. Lenders, such as banks and credit card companies, use credit scores to… Read More »Credit Screening


Crime Statistics can be used for a wide variety of purposes including the assessment of  home or vehicle insurance premium levels and credit worthiness. Every police authority in England, and  Wales publish details of crime incidents by fourteen crime types such as,  burglary, vehicle… Read More »Crime

House Prices

The value of your property is a powerful indicator of affluence, and knowing the price the property was sold for enables you to identify expensive properties. The very act of moving is a demand trigger for all sorts of goods and services… Read More »House Prices


Maps are a very effective way to present and understand complex information. We offer a complete mapping service. Download


Sonar is a truly unique and powerful segmentation system that classifies all households and residents in the country according to the type of neighbourhood in which they live. The objectives of the Sonar classification are to provide a powerful and… Read More »Sonar

Wealth & Consumer Activity

One of the most important factors affecting response to marketing campaigns is affluence. This is true for the promotion of a wide range of goods and services from charitable appeals for donations, to applications for credit and finance. However, the… Read More »Wealth & Consumer Activity