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Data Analytics

Successful analytic projects are all about understanding business requirements, the available data, and deployment options in order to increase revenues and decrease costs.

We specialise in making sense of data using techniques such as:

  • Multiple Regression – building models to predict likelihood to respond, or purchase, or upsell, or lapse.
  • Logistic Regression – developing more advanced likelihood scoring models.
  • Analysis of Variance – to identify and explain the differences between customer groups.
  • Chaid – segmenting data to improve customer retention and campaign response.
  • Clustering and Discriminant Analysis – classifications to help clients understand who their customers are. We have built bespoke customer segmentation systems using transactional data and other data for a wide range of clients including charities, financial service companies, healthcare providers, telcos and advertising agencies. We have also built Geo-Demographic classifications in a nine different countries.
  • Profiling & Response Analysis – to better understand customers and campaign responders.
  • Time Series Analysis – to help you forecast demand.
  • Neural Net Techniques- to generate superior models with irregular data.

Whatever your marketing analysis problem we have the skills and experience to help you solve it.

Training in Statistical Analysis and Software Usage

We provide in-house training in both statistical analysis and software usage. We can work with your own data enabling your staff to carry out data analysis in a meaningful and constructive context.