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    Sonar is a truly unique and powerful segmentation system that classifies all households and residents in the country according to the type of neighbourhood in which they live. The objectives of the Sonar classification are to provide a powerful and unique tool for consumer segmentation and market planning which is highly effective at identifying the target audiences you wish to reach in a simple and easily understood way. It is a Geo-Demographic classification of unrivalled power and accuracy using a variety of data sources and cutting edge statistical techniques.

    Sonar classifies the country into 80 groups. The 80 Sonar codes are organized into 6 broad lifestyle groups, which are

    • Group A – Young Singles
    • Group B – Young Families
    • Group C – Families
    • Group D – Mature Families
    • Group E – Empty Nesters
    • Group F – Retired

    ​and the four Affluence groups, which are

    • Group 1 – Affluent
    • Group 2 – Comfortable
    • Group 3 – Less Comfortable
    • Group 4 – Struggling


    If you would like to try Sonar please send through a file and we will happily supply you with a free profile. The file can be of any group of interest to you. We do not need names or address, just the postcodes.